Academic papers

Some selected academic papers.

Auld, M.C. (2011). Effect of large-scale social interactions on body weight, Journal of Health Economics, 30(2):303-16.

Auld, M.C. and P. Grootendorst (2011). Challenges for causal inference in obesity research, in J. Cawley (ed) Handbook of the Social Science of Obesity, Oxford.

Auld, M.C. and L. M. Powell (2009). Economics of food energy density and adolescent body weight, Economica, 76, 719–40.

Auld, M.C. (2006). Estimating behavioral response to the AIDS epidemic, Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, 5(1), article 12.

Auld, M.C. (2005) Smoking, drinking, and income, Journal of Human Resources, 40(2), 505-518.

Auld, M.C. (2005). Causal effect of early initiation on adolescent smoking patterns, Canadian Journal of Economics, 38(3), 709–34.

Auld, M.C. and P. Grootendorst (2004). An empirical analysis of milk addiction, Journal of Health Economics, 23, 1117–33.

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