Assorted links 28/08/11

  1. Kevin Milligan on British Columbians voting down the HST. I await the median voter selecting Mr. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho as our next Premier.
  2. Dan Hamermesh proposes making ugly people a protected group in civil rights legislation. See also his recent paper with Jason Abrevaya showing good looks cause happiness.
  3. Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner film.
  4. I think this is supposed to be a real paper, not Swiftian satire.

2 Comments to “Assorted links 28/08/11”

  1. I’m more than a bit sceptical that you can implement employment protection for the ugly. First way of implementing: require folks to register themselves as ugly for protection purposes and then run either explicit quotas or implicit ones where low ugly staff ratios are indicative of discriminatory practices (in which case you have some embarrassed ugly people who refuse to get certified and other non-ugly people who go to a sure-to-be-quick-to-arise industry in uglification before heading in for their certification). So that doesn’t work. Second way: let folks take suit if they think they’ve been discriminated against on basis of looks. But how could you ever prove that? Either most cases get dismissed quickly for lack of evidence or rather large legal uncertainty is imposed on employers.

    Further, even if it were feasible to protect the less attractive, I can’t see a political coalition emerging to protect them.

  2. I agree, it’s tough to enact effective legislation to aid a group of which no one will self-identify as a member. This is also why it’s politically correct to make fun of stupid people, so long as you don’t specifically identify any of them.

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